Terms and Conditions

If you have selected a subscription package, our subscription packages automatically renew. This means your payment method will be charged upon purchase for your initial term, and the full amount will be charged again on the subscription renewal date(s) unless you cancel with a minimum of 24-hour notice to the following email: info@btconsults.net. If you fail to notify us at this email of your cancelation request within this required timeframe, there are no refunds for your renewal payment. By subscribing to our service, you further agree that due to the nature of our industry, BT cannot and does not guarantee future results. By selecting the agreement box, providing your email address and initial payment, you agree to BT Terms of Service and Policy as stated above and posted elsewhere on our website.

Resale of BT's data without permission is a violation of our terms and grounds for immediate cancellation of account access.

BT makes every effort to provide analyses that are accurate to the best of our ability. However, BT cannot and does not guarantee the outcome of services provided. By purchasing our services, the customer acknowledges that nothing in our statements can be considered as a promise or guarantee. Our statements about outcomes are based on data analytical approaches that can be subject to opinion, about which opinions may vary.

We do not offer cash refunds as a matter of policy. However, there may be consideration of a credit possibly including additional or extended services. Given the nature of our services, and these policies which clients accept as a condition of purchase, we are under no obligation to offer credits or refunds. Please feel free to contact us with your questions about any of these policies at: info@btconsults.net.